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Pyronix KX10DP Pet Tolerant PIR Motion Detector (FPKX10DP)

The KX10DP is a passive infrared (PIR) detector which works by constantly monitoring the infrared energy levels around a room and recognising a change caused by the entry of an intruder.  The detector will then inform the panel which will initiate the alarm condition.

Keep your home protected even if you have pets. The KX10DP’s intelligent Pet Tolerant technology differentiates between your pets and intruders with pet tolerance for even larger pets (up to 24kg – approximately the size of a Labrador).


The detectors incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 6K8, 5K6, 4K7 &1K & tamper values of 5K6, 4K7, 2K2 and 1K catering for most EOL control panels on the market.




  • 10m pet immune detection up to 24kg animal
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • Blue Wave Technology
  • Auto sensitivity feature
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Sealed optics
  • ABS plastics
  • Tamper proof brackets included
  • Complies with EN50131-1

Pyronix KX10DP Pet Tolerant PIR Motion Detector (FPKX10DP)