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About Smart Alarm UK



Smart Alarm UK is a family run company specializing in Visonic PowerG and Qolsis wireless intruder alarm systems and associated equipment. 



Your home is your castle, so why leave it open to theft? Here at Smart Alarm UK we offer a range of wireless security systems supplied directly to you whether you are a DIY Installer or trade. Apart from the obvious basic security essentials - window locks and mortice locks, the proven intruder deterrent is a professional quality burglar alarm system. All security needs are different and installing the alarm system yourself will typically save you hundreds of pounds.


Quality, Professional Security Systems for your Home or Business.

The intruder alarm equipment we sell is of professional standard and conforms to security Grade 2. We supply equipment from Visonic. We give the full manufacturer’s guarantees on all their equipment. Many cheap imported intruder alarms are fallible and open to a huge array of faults. We’re sure that our quality products though can stand the test of time – it is not in our interests to supply poor quality products


We can guide each customer through the design and installation of their DIY home alarm system without the need of expensive specialist fitters. With our guidance and a large range of supportive literature, installing your home security system yourself couldn’t be easier.

Q. Why should I install my own system?

There are numerous advantages of installing your very own home security system – the obvious one being the initial cost saving.


  • Once installed you’ll be in complete control of your alarm. You’ll have all the access codes that you need so if something does go wrong you can fix it. Gone are the days of needing to pay huge sums of money to have an engineer come out and fix it.

  • You won’t have to pay a penny towards installing the system as you’ll be doing it all yourself!

  • The system can be designed to work around your life and your requirements, not the installation companies.

  • There’s no need to organise expensive maintenance checkups. You can do it all yourself


With our help there’s no longer any need whatsoever to spend money where you don’t have to. We’re confident that people of average DIY skill levels will be able to install their own system with little or no guidance.

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