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Monitor, Control & Configure Your Visonic Powermaster System - From Anywhere.

Connection to the Smart Alarm UK Power Manage server gives access to the Visonic-Go and AlarmInstall mobile apps with features that allow remote monitoring, control and configuration of your Visonic Powermaster alarm system.

Includes Visonic System Technical Support.

Connecting to our Power Manage server allows us to provide email support and assistance to Visonic PowerMaster alarm system owners with configuration issues and system troubles.

Available to Visonic alarm system owners WORLDWIDE.

Service Features:
 No Setup Fee - No Contract 

  • Remote Arm, disarm

  • Image notification and peek-in

  • Alarms and events history

  • Alarms and alerts push notifications

  • User management

  • Zone status and zone bypass

  • Visonic system technical support

  • No contract - cancel anytime

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Per month



VisonicGO is the mobile app that gives you peace of mind about your home and business security wherever you are. You can see inside your home or business and make informed decisions about events and notifications, and implement key changes, all in real time, from anywhere, via your smartphone or tablet.

Features Include

  • Remote Arm, disarm

  • Image notification and peek-in

  • Alarms and events history

  • Alarms and alerts push notifications

  • Zone status and zone bypass

AlarmInstall is a mobile app that speeds up and simplifies installations of Visonic PowerMaster alarm systems, and enables efficient remote maintenance. 

Using AlarmInstall, you can easily complete the full system configuration via the intuitive mobile app interface, saving time and effort during installations. The app also enables basic maintenance tasks to be handled remotely.


Features Include


  • Remote configuration

  • Remote maintenance

  • Device ID reader for easy enrollment of PowerG devices

  • Panel configurations can be saved and re-used

  • Zone status and zone bypass

How to connect your system and use Visonic-Go

Step 1. - Provide your contact details and panel ID.

Your Control Panel ID is a 6 digit alphanumeric ID printed on the panel’s rear label or can be found in:

MASTER INSTALLER MENU - scroll >> to SERIAL NUMBER - Press OK then scroll >> to PANEL ID

Thank you for providing your details. Please follow the control panel setup guide to connect your system to PowerManage.

Step 2. - Set up your control panel.

Connect the broadband module in your Visonic control panel to your internet router using a Cat5e network cable.


1. Enter Master Installer Mode on the control panel.

2. Press the >> (forward arrow) to scroll to COMMUNICATION and press OK

3. Scroll >> to CS REPORTING press OK

4. Under REPORT EVENTS, choose the events you wish to have reported from the available list. ‘all *backup’ is recommended. The choices are explained fully in the alarm system user manual. Note; the set value is indicated by a solid block ( █ ) next to the setting.

5. Scroll >> to 1ST REPORT CHANNEL and set it to ‘broadband’.

6. Set the 2nd , 3rd and Dual REPORT CHANNEL as desired.

7. Scroll >> to IP RCVR 1 and enter (the IP address of our server)

8. Scroll >> to PSTN FORMAT and set it to SIA

9. Scroll >> to COMM FAIL REPORT and Press OK set PSTN FAIL to ‘Don’t Report’


Step 3. - Set up your Visonic-Go mobile app.

Step 4. - Complete your Power Manage subscription.

Once you have provided your details and set up your control panel and mobile app, a member of our team will contact you with an option to complete your Power Manage subscription. Subscription fee is £4.95/month.

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