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Visonic Powermaster GSM/GPRS Communication Module Setup Guide

1.  Enter Master Installer Mode on the control panel.

2. Press the >> (forward arrow) to scroll to COMMUNICATION and press OK

3. Scroll >> to GSM/GPRS/SMS and press OK

4. GPRS REPORT will show, press OK and set it to ‘Enable’.  Note; the set value is indicated by a solid block ( █ ) next to the setting.

5. Repeat step 4 and enable GSM REPORT and SMS REPORT

6. Scroll >> to GPRS APN and enter the APN (Access Point Name): (See NOTE Below)

7. Scroll >> to GPRS USER NAME and enter the user name: visonic (See NOTE Below)

8. Scroll >> to GPRS PASSWORD and enter the password: visonic (See NOTE Below)

9. Scroll >> to SIM PIN and leave blank.

10.Scroll >> to NETWORK ROAMING and set to ‘Roam Enable’.

11. Scroll >> to GSM KEEP ALIVE and set it to ‘disable’ for contract SIMs and Every 28 days for PAYG SIMs

12. Scroll >> to TRANSFER PROTOCOL and set to TCP

13. Scroll to GPRS ALWAYS ON and set to enable.

14. Use the 'Arm Home' button to go back up through the menu system until you see 4. COMMUNICATION press OK

15. Scroll >> to CS REPORTING press OK

16. Under REPORT EVENTS, select the events you wish to have reported from the available list.  ('all*backup' is recommended). The choices are explained fully in the alarm system user manual.

17. Scroll to 1ST  REPORT CHANNEL and set it to ‘cellular’.

18. Set the 2nd , 3rd and Dual REPORT CHANNEL as desired.

19. Scroll >> to IP RCVR 1 and enter (the IP address of our server)

20. Scroll >> to PSTN FORMAT and set it to SIA

21. Scroll >> to COMM FAIL REPORT and Press OK set PSTN FAIL to ‘Don’t Report’

22. Use the 'Arm Home' button to go back up one menu level and scroll >> to UP/DOWNLOAD press OK

23. Scroll >> to GPRS Up/Down press OK

24. In My SIM Tel. # enter the telephone number of the SIM installed in the GSM module.


* NOTE: The APN settings shown are the default factory settings for your Visonic control panel. These settings will work for the majority of SIM cards, however some mobile service providers have their own APN settings which must be entered in order for the SIM to connect to the internet. These details can usually be found in a quick internet search.

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