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Troubleshooting Power Manage and the Visonic-Go App

Help getting your Visonic alarm system connected to Power Manage - and keeping it connected!

On rare occasions users will have difficulty connecting their Visonic alarm system to Power Manage or their system may lose its connection to the server. Unless there is a live internet connection at the control panel and the system is connected to Power Manage, remote access via mobile app is not possible.

There are several reasons why an alarm system may not connect to the Power Manage server or may suddenly lose connection. The most common being that an internet connection has not been set up on the system or the internet connection has been lost.

Troubleshooting power manage and the vis

Visonic Powermaster intruder alarm systems can connect to the internet in 2 ways, GPRS and broadband with add-on communication modules available for both options (both modules included with Powermaster 360R). Many users install both modules and use one as the primary reporting method and the other as secondary or backup method.

For first time setup, see full setup instructions below.

Resolving Connection Issues.


As mentioned earlier, the most common reasons for a system to fail to connect or to lose connection to Power Manage are incorrect settings or loss of internet connection at the control panel. If you are having connection issues or are setting up the system for the first time, it is important to first establish the panel's internet connection before setting up your desired reported events and notifications. This would include ensuring that your broadband router is functioning properly and/or the SIM card to be used in a GSM module is live and has data allowance.


Notifications stopped? - Reset your broadband module.

A factory default reset of the Powerlink module will usually solve connection issues in broadband connected systems. To reset the Powerlink module go to:

INSTALLER MODE >> COMMUNICATION >> BROADBAND >> RESET MODULE - press OK and scroll >> to 'Factory Defin' - press OK to reset the module - EXIT INSTALLER MODE


Or - Try rebooting your alarm system.

If you have suddenly stopped receiving notifications from the app or cannot log in as usual, the simplest solution can often be to reboot the alarm system. Visonic alarm control panels are mains powered with a battery backup, to fully reboot the system both power sources must be disconnected.

  1. Isolate mains power.

  2. Loosen the 2 screws on the underside of the control panel and lift the cover upwards.

  3. Disconnect the backup battery

  4. Wait 1 minute and then reconnect the backup battery.

  5. Ensure that the panel is fully closed before re applying mains power.



Common Control Panel Trouble Messages.

Comm Fail - The control panel has lost internet connection.
GPRS Offline - GPRS/GSM module has lost connection to data network.
SIM Not Verified - SIM phone number not set at control panel or APN settings incorrect. More help
BBA Offline - Broadband module has lost internet connection.


Common Visonic App Error Messages.

Server Not Found - Incorrect host address has been entered.

Panel Not Authorised - The control panel is not registered on the server or access has not been granted. Get access

Panel in Discovery - System details are uploading to the Power Manage server. This message should clear within a few seconds.

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