The Visonic Lithium Battery is an extremely energy dense battery that comes in a single pack. It offers long lasting operation, making it particularly suitable for use in intruder alarm external sounders.

When used in Visonic intruder alarm sounders it will provide consistent performance and reliability.  

This single use 3.6 volt battery has a capacity of 13000mAh and is leak resistant.  Lithium has a longer discharge curve than most alkaline batteries, meaning that the 0-9912-K can retain its charge for up to ten years for longer shelf life and home storage.  It is environmentally friendly and contains no mercury, cadmium or lead.

Visonic PowerMax Lithium Sounder Battery for MCS-710, MCS-720,MCS-730 (0-9912-K)

    • 3.6v - 1.3Ah
    • Lithium
    • Compatible with: MCS-710, MCS-720, MCS-730 and MCS-730AC
    • Brand: FANSO (EVE)
  • This is a restricted item. Mainland UK delivery only.

NOTE: All our Visonic Powermaster PG2 wireless alarm kits and devices operate on 868-1 UK country code. for more information about compatibility, please see our FAQ page.

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