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Visonic PowerG KP-241 PG2 Portable Prox Keypad

The PowerG Wireless Portable Keypad is a two-way device with a built-in proximity tag reader that enables convenient control of  PowerMaster alarm systems. This includes easy arming and disarming of the alarm system as well as initiation of emergency, fire, and panic alarms.

This keypad has been uniquely designed with a clean, contemporary look that meets customers’ demands for modern-looking devices in their homes and business environments. 

A best-in-class device, it combines the proven strength of PowerG technology with features like partition control, audible and visual system status indicators, supervision alerts, and an entry and exit delay timer, for enhanced convenience and security.

Highly versatile, it can be installed either as a fixed wall-mounted device or as a portable application. Regardless of installation mode it is protected by battery compartment tamper protection. When wall-mounted, it provides back-tamper protection as well.

Visonic PowerG KP-241 PG2 Portable Prox Keypad