• The PowerG SMD-429 Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combines a best-in-class photoelectric smoke detector, with built-in heat sensor, and PowerG wireless technology, for enhanced fire detection.

    This ensures reliable and accurate alarm activation when smoke is detected, or heat exceeding 57°C (135°F) is reached.

    In addition to triggering the embedded siren and flashing light to alert occupants of the room, the detector transmits a coded signal to the control panel to activate the system siren and alert the end-user and/or central monitoring station for onsite assistance.

    Visonic Powermaster SMD-429 PG2 Smoke & Heat Detector (868-1 UK) 0-500326

      • Provides accurate early fire warning, with audio and visual alerts, when smoke or high temperature is detected
      • Enhances safety and simplifies maintenance, with audio and visual alerts for low battery, tampering and need to clean
      • Enables repeater-free installations, with a large transmission range
      • Speeds up installations with a visible link quality indicator on the device
      • Warns occupants with a loud alarm (85db) and flashing LED light on the detector itself
      • Alerts end-user and/or CMS for onsite assistance, by signaling the alarm panel to activate the system siren
      • Quick and easy wall or ceiling installation, with bracket
      • Protected by a back tamper
    • NOTE: This device is compatible with Visonic Powermaster PG2 systems operating on 868-1 UK country code. Please check your system for compatibility before purchasing. If you are unsure, please contact us.

      Not suitable for use with Visonic Powermax systems.

    NOTE: All our Visonic Powermaster PG2 wireless alarm kits and devices operate on 868-1 UK country code. for more information about compatibility, please see our FAQ page.

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