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6 Reasons Why PowerG is the Best Wireless Alarm System for Your Home or Business.

When you choose a PowerG-based wireless alarm system, you get a system that outshines the rest with all the advantages of the leading wireless security technology, without the hassles and vulnerabilities of traditional wired security.

1. Saves lives and property

With PowerG wireless technology, there are no physical cables that can get cut, burned, or shorted. With PowerG’s “virtual cable” there is no threat from scissors, fire, and water, which means improved chances of surviving a fire, preventing a burglary, and securing your home or business.

2. Iron-clad protection

With PowerG, you get the peace of mind that comes with a market-leading, tamper-proof system. Ultra-reliable, two-way encrypted communication and iron-clad protection that blocks interference and delivers unparalleled cyber protection for your security system.

3. Long battery life

PowerG wireless alarm system batteries last for up to 5-8 years. These longer-lasting batteries are cost-effective, better for the environment and provide long-term security for your home or business, with fewer battery changes.

4. Long wireless transmittion range

PowerG goes the distance – further than other wireless security technologies - with an unmatched transmission range of up to 2,000m that can reach almost anywhere inside your building, and even to the outside. With PowerG you’ll always have full coverage.

5. No visible wires

With PowerG there are no wires between the sensors and the control panel. That means no visible wires snaking along walls and no mess from opening up walls or floors to hide them. Your décor will remain just as it is, undisturbed.

6. Easy DIY installation

Choosing a PowerG-based system for self-installation means no more pulling up floorboards and no dust or debris from drilling and tunneling into your walls. With no wires to install and fast testing, you can install your new Powermaster alarm system in just a few hours, instead of a day or more with wired systems.


The PowerMaster family is Visonic's cutting edge line of professional wireless intrusion alarm systems for residential, small business and light commercial premises. It includes multiple wireless control panels targeting different applications and an extensive array of wireless peripherals, providing an unmatched combination of reliability, performance and advanced feature set.


All PowerMaster systems and peripherals are based on PowerG wireless technology, the most advanced wireless security technology available today. PowerG technology delivers unmatched detection accuracy, long-lasting reliability, system robustness and ease of use. Since its introduction in 2011, PowerG has proven itself in hundreds of thousands of security systems and devices installed in homes and small businesses around the world.


There are numerous advantages of installing your very own home security system – the obvious one being the initial cost saving.


  • Once installed you’ll be in complete control of your alarm. You’ll have all the access codes that you need so if something does go wrong you can fix it. Gone are the days of needing to pay huge sums of money to have an engineer come out and fix it.

  • You won’t have to pay a penny towards installing the system as you’ll be doing it all yourself!

  • The system can be designed to work around your life and your requirements, not the installation companies.

  • There’s no need to organise expensive maintenance checkups. You can do it all yourself


With our help there’s no longer any need whatsoever to spend money where you don’t have to. We’re confident that people of average DIY skill levels will be able to install their own system with our guidance.


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