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How to Replace Batteries in a Visonic Wireless Siren

When replacing batteries in Visonic wireless devices, it is standard practice to wait 2 minutes after removing the old battery before connecting the new one. This is to clear the device's memory and remove the 'Low Battery' trouble message from the control panel.
An alternative method of replacing Visonic sounder batteries is shown below.

Note: Ensure your alarm system is disarmed prior to opening the siren cover to replace the battery.

replacing batteries in a visonic alarm s

1. Disconnect the battery pairing loom from the siren and connect the new batteries to it.

2. Using a screwdriver, short out the 2 small pins where the loom connects for a few seconds.

Replacing Visonic Siren Batteries Step 1
Replacing Visonic Siren Batteries Step 2

3. Reconnect the pairing loom to the circuit board and close the siren cover.
4 Arm and disarm the system to clear the 'S01 LOW BATTERY' message.


You can check for other system troubles by pressing the OK button on the display repeatedly..

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