How to Reset PowerMaster / PowerMax Access Codes.

Here we explain how to reset the user and installer access codes on Visonic Powermax and Powermaster control panels.


You can reset the user and installation codes to their default settings by carrying out the following reset procedure.  This will only reset the codes and no other settings.


1. Remove mains power to the control panel.

2. Open the control panel and disconnect the battery.

3. Locate the 3 pins marked DEF and fit a jumper across the two default pins D and E.

4. Reconnect the battery for a period of 10 seconds.

5. Disconnect the battery and remove the jumper from pins D and E.

6. Reconnect the battery.

7. Close the control panel.

8. Re-apply the mains power.

9. Check that the codes have defaulted to 1111 (User) and 9999 (Installer).

10. Change both codes immediately.  Everyone knows the defaults!

11. Don't forget your new codes.


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