Visonic Powermaster Broadband Communication Module Setup Guide

1. Enter Master Installer Mode on the control panel.

2. Press the >> (forward arrow) to scroll to COMMUNICATION and press OK

3. Scroll >> to CS REPORTING press OK

4. Under REPORT EVENTS, choose the events you wish to have reported from the available list. ‘all *backup’ is recommended. The choices are explained fully in the alarm system user manual. Note; the set value is indicated by a solid block ( █ ) next to the setting.

5. Scroll >> to 1ST REPORT CHANNEL and set it to ‘broadband’.

6. Set the 2nd , 3rd and Dual REPORT CHANNEL as desired.

7. Scroll >> to IP RCVR 1 and enter (the IP address of our server)

8. Scroll >> to PSTN FORMAT and set it to SIA

9. Scroll >> to COMM FAIL REPORT and Press OK set PSTN FAIL to ‘Don’t Report’


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